Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

To my dear wife, my daughter and daughter-in-law who are great Mothers. I was going through some old "treasures" and found this poem written by my daughter to her Mum (when an early teenager). Below is the front page of the booklet card.

It says - Happy Mothers Day to My Mum! The best that Ever held the paddle!!

then goes on to say in the inside:

To Mum,

A Poem by Me for Mum.

Some Mums are Old & Dreary

They Moan & Groan all Day.

Some Mums are Sweet & Patient

Perfectly Gorgeous (thats what they say)

Some Mums are fierce & horrible

And scare you half to death,

And some are even meaner,

They have Smoke and Fire for breath!!

But my Mum's not old & yucky,

Or patient or fierce or horrible.

Or gorgeos or mean or a pain,

Cause my mum is the Greatest,

So I'd just like to say.

To a mum who is JUST RIGHT.

"The happiest of Mothers Days!"

Love (Mum-ee with a "y" at the end)

Her brother probably forget to get a card so he signed it too!

Love Wolf(y)

All the Capitals and Puntuation just as it was written (in running writing)


Mummy McTavish said...

That sounds like my Wolf(y) "did you put my name on it?"

Mum-me is still good at poetry. I'm glad she kept writing:)

Mum-me said...

What a laugh! I vaguely remember that one - but only now that you've reminded me. Well, I guess my rhymes have improved a little since those days. I'm surprised mum still has it after all these years.