Saturday, January 3, 2009

NQwolf Doesn't Like Prawns Either!

I'm told that my No.1 son, NQwolf, doesn't like prawns either. (I wonder what happened to my other sons?) Here is a picture of him - obviously a throwback to his original roots (we St. Bernard's were bred from these wild ones). Notice the eagle, proving he was born in USA, the national animal emblem of that great nation.

I guess when he was a young'n we couldn't afford prawns, so he never got a taste for them. However there is still hope because I never really got the taste for them until I got older. Mummy McTavish says she likes them with garlic, but on this issue I must agree with NQwolf - garlic is the ruination of any food that is tainted with it (even a little bit). HB from "the Aussie half-dozen" would agree with Mrs McTavish - I've never seen anyone prepare his garlic prawns with as much garlic as he does and then be able to eat them - phewww!!! (I've never tried them with honey, but that sounds like it would be quite scrumptious.)

Of course, all is said with 'touch in cheek', we are all entitled to our own preferences in food without fear or favour - some people even eat dogs!!??!! - which came from wolves.


Mummy McTavish said...

Mmmm, perhaps HB and clan should get posted up here, those prawns sound delish! Had some yummy pickled garlic for afternoon tea today... mmmmmmm.

Possum Princess said...

I've tagged you to do a fun quiz thingy!! :)