Sunday, December 7, 2008

Awarded & Tagged at the Same Time

Seems like my Grand-daughter blogger (Possum Princess) has given me an award and tagged me at the same time - that doesn't seem quite fair. Well anyway, I've been ask to list six (6) things that make me happy.
So here goes ( not necessarily in this order) -
1) Food
2) Achievements
3) Money
4) Illumination
5) Laughter
6) Yes's
I've cheated, there are actually seven (7) here - can you find the seventh? (It's the most important one). By the way, Possum Princess, you actually listed this one too!


possum said...

That's cool!!

The seventh one is FAMILY!!!

(I worked it out after you gave us a clue!!) said...

Sorry, Dad, I did work it out, just didn't make a comment.
So here it is... I believe it is Family?