Friday, December 12, 2008

Don't Get "Caught Short" in Queensland

CAMPERS and expectant mothers who are ''caught short'' and swimmers urinating in the surf will risk automatic fines under new laws governing public nuisance in Queensland. The homeless, elderly or bushwalkers caught short off the beaten track could also be slapped with a fine. The reforms to the Summary Offences Act did not include a ''reasonable excuse'' provision, meaning those receiving a $100 public urination ticket had no legal recourse, Queensland University of Technology senior law lecturer Alastair MacAdam said. ''A public place is defined in the dictionary to the Summary Offences Act to mean a place open to or used by the public, whether or not on the payment of a fee,'' Mr MacAdam said. ''A fine of $200 may well result in disadvantaged people ending up in jail for answering the call of nature in a discreet way. ''But the ramifications are far ranging. Where does a person travelling, say, 200 kilometres west of Roma, who pulls on to the side of the road and urinates discreetly stand? Or the person who goes fishing in a dinghy and urinates in a container or over the side? ''Technically, swimmers who urinate in the ocean could be booked.'' The new laws will be on trial for 12 months from January 1, first in the South Brisbane and Townsville police districts. Automatic fines for public nuisance offences range up to $300 and can be issued on the spot by police for offensive or disorderly behaviour, disobeying police directions and urinating in public.


So if you're thinking of going to Queensland or worse still, you actually live there, just make sure you don't get "caught short" - Mummy McTavish take note (Townsville is on the list) - keep a sharp eye on Lion & Dragon, wouldn't want them fined for doing what comes naturally.

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Mummy McTavish said...

Is our front garden public? I was unloading groceries last week and came back out to find Lion with his pants around his ankles weeing on wolf's crocus flowers for all the neighbours to watch. But I still got all excited and gushy when wolf picked some for them to give me later (wolf didnt know about the previous happenings). I just rinsed them off before I put them in water.

I did wonder at first why you were warning me? then I realised you had gone on to say Lion and Dragon may get caught.