Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saint Bernard's Ponderings
Well hi there all you bloggers in cyberspace - this is my first go at this, so here goes.
Today I mowed and whipper snipped the outside lawn (weeds, sand, next door neighbours bird seed crop) and I've just cleaned my ride-on-mower, come inside and put on the air conditioning - whew, that's better, much cooler now. My google weather tells me its 90 oF outside (can't get it to show Celsius) so that would be about 34 oC, but it's nothing like that in here (or outside) so something is wrong with google, but it's definitely only 21 oC inside (the benefits of an air conditioner can't be bettered on a hot day).
We've decided to go solar, when we get the go ahead that our Govt. subsidy has been approved. We'll get a 1Kw solar panel array on the north side of our roof which should produce 4 to 6 Kwh/day. That would be approx. 150Kwh/mth or at current rates $20/mth savings. However, if our behind the eight-ball NSW Govt. gets its act together (like all the other States) we should get at least 4 times that in savings, as they will pay 4 for 1 for all solar power produced - this has something to do with savings on carbon trading (which I don't fully understand just yet - does anyone?). I figured if the Govt. wants to give me $8,000 towards solar panels, then who am I to say "No thanks, I'll do it my way!" instead I've said "Yes please, I'll be in that!" and at the same time it makes me feel as though I'm doing my bit for the environment.
Well, the environment, that's another story, isn't it? What or who do we believe about what's happening with the world warming, predictions of catastrophic weather, sea levels rising, polar caps melting and massive earthquakes - what did you say, no one's predicted earthquakes - well the Bible has, as well as wars, famines and pestilences (see Mathew Chapter 24). So what, can we really do anything about it? These things have been expected to happen for over 2,000 years now - the early Christians thought that they would happen in their lifetime - didn't happen! Down through the ages the end of the world has been expected to happen in that generations lifetime, but those generations have been and gone and we are still predicting the end times coming soon. The fact of the matter is that, no one knows when it will happen, except God (and He ain't telling anyone), so the best thing is to do your best for the environment, keep the faith (that's the Christian Faith) and get on with living the best life you can.
This ends today's pontifications.


Mum-me said...

Firstly, did you call yourse;f Saint Bernard because you view yourself as a bug, cuddly puppy? Or was it because you secretly want to have really long hair/beard?

Secondly, I wish you could bottle your air-con and bring it down here for us.

Thirdly - welcome to the blogosphere. I only have come across a handful of male bloggers, so you are fairly unique in that respect, as in many others too.

possum said...

Your blog is AWESOME!!

You've only been blogging for a couple days, but you've alredy won an award!!!

Check it out!!!
(It's on my blog)

Love Possum