Monday, December 8, 2008

Mum & Nano Still All Clear

Today we went back to see the surgeon who operated on my "better half" and he looked at the latest x-rays and said, words to this effect - "Yours was an unusual case but it's all clear now - looks good to me, there was no indication of asbestosis, I took out all of the pleurisy matter so you should be feeling much better soon, you don't need antibiotics or any medication, your incisions are healing very well and you don't need to see me anymore."
PTL and Hallelujah !!! So why are we still feeling let down - is it because we shouldn't have had to go through all of this stress and anxiety in the first place - our doctor, radiologist and surgeon all diagnosed asbestosis - were they wrong? The surgeon couldn't or wouldn't give any explanation, so we are left with the only two other explanations, that God performed a miracle, or that all three professionals were wrong.
"Why are you complaining?" I hear you saying. Well we're not really complaining, (just confused). We are happy and rejoicing with the results and we want to believe that God has performed a miracle, otherwise we have been let down (at great cost, financial as well as physical & psychological) by the people in whom we are supposed to put our trust and faith (and lives).
CONCLUSION: When in doubt, "Trust in God".

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Mum-me said...

That's wonderful news. It seems very strange that the doctors said the scans showed asbestosis, but there actually none. Also strange that the pleurisy seems to have cleared itself up. But God wouldn't be 'God' if we're able to understand Him and the ways He works.