Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mum-ee from ask me the following:-
Firstly, did you call yourself Saint Bernard because you view yourself as a bug, cuddly puppy? Or was it because you secretly want to have really long hair/beard?
Secondly, I wish you could bottle your air-con and bring it down here for us.
Thirdly - welcome to the blogosphere. I only have come across a handful of male bloggers, so you are fairly unique in that respect, as in many others too.
Well Mum-ee here's my answers (you can read it too - whoever is reading this blogg)
I was trying to think of something creative like 'our aussie half-dozen' but nothing was coming so I thought Bernard is a good name and I'm a saint (not in the world's interpretation of the word, just the Bible's) so why not. But guess what, there's already a blogg called Saint Bernard (some guy in France, I couldn't read it, forgotten most of the French I learnt in school) apparently likes mountains, so I added my year of birth and bingo - jackpot. So, no, I'm not a bug (but I've never heard of a bug called Saint Bernard) and I might have a bit of extraneous fat, but not enough to be called cuddly and yes I've always wanted a true Saint Bernard but not a very practical dog for Australia (I've heard that they are so warm blooded that they melt the snow as they walk on it)
To let you in on a secret, I've always liked beards and disliked long hair, but my other half seems to have the opposite view. Altho she has said I should get it cut after Christmas.
By the way it did get to 90 oF here and I would love to be able to bottle some AC and send to you, but it would probably melt on the way.
Didn't know that women were the majority of bloggers, but when you think about it, it makes sense because blogging is akin to keeping a diary (except it's not very confidential) or a journal and women seem to do that best. I think it's a great way to keep in touch with loved ones (especially when distances are great) without mounting up huge phone bills.
I hope that answers your questions Mum-ee, daughter of mine.
I have to show you all a copy of an email (about my blogg) I received from my eldest grand-daughter (only the name has been changed to protect her innocence). AMESOME!! :) I checked it out before I even read your email!!Your blog is really cool!! I like it!!! Love Possum Princess xxxooo

Possum Princess & Me Enjoying a cool drink at Sizzlers


Mum-me said...

Well that was a quick response. And I see I'll have to be carfuel with my commonts in futrue and make sure the speling is correkt.

BTW, Kitcat is sitting in her bed now (8.30am) yelling "Grandpap - Miow - Grandpap - Miow" over and over. Not sure if she's calling you a cat, or calling you in cat language, or if both she and Miow-Miow are calling you!

Mummy McTavish said...

Welcome to blogland!!! Looking forward to reading more pontificating...